New Story in Summerset Review


A big thank you to editor Joseph Levens for publishing my story “Parasites” in the spring issue of Summerset Review. Mr. Levens has given me steady encouragement over the years, accepting several of my stories and offering excellent editing advice.

From “Parasites”:

Julie had gotten out of the car to pee, Marc said, and the next thing he knew she was gone. Over the edge. He never heard a thing.

That was the story Marc gave the police. Nora thought this was a clever embellishment, this addition of a bodily function. Did he come up with it before or after? He must have smiled when the idea arrived. His cold heart must have fluttered.
He pushed her of course. What better way to kill someone and get away with it?


Great news! The short story collection OUTER VOICES INNER LIVES is a finalist in Lambda Literary’s LGBT anthology category. This collection, edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski, features my story “Manatee Gardens.” I am proud to be in the company of such talented authors and delighted that OUTER VOICES INNER LIVES has achieved this distinction.
Last year my story collection SURVIVAL SKILLS was a finalist in Lambda’s Lesbian General Fiction category. What a thrill to be part of another book nominated for an award. Big congrats to Mark and Stephen, as well as the other contributors.