The Sweetest Words

The sweetest sentence in the English language:  “I love you.”

Runner-up:  “It’s benign.”

We are stronger than we know and more afraid than we let on. Proceed with kindness.


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“Chasing Zero” at Every Writer’s Resource

A big thank you to the editors of Every Writer’s Resource for sharing my story “Chasing Zero.” This story takes a look at the flavor and fragrance industry and concerns a woman with a mysterious illness who loses her grip on the callous man she adores.

An invaluable tool for any author, Every Writer’s Resource is a site of literary markets, book publishers, literary magazines, poetry, short stories, articles and resources on writing.


“Kitchen Elegy” in Scars Publications


I wish to thank the editors at Scars Publications for reprinting my essay “Kitchen Elegy.” This piece will appear in a print issue at the end of the year, but you may read it now by clicking on this link, and then scrolling to my name in the left hand column.

Anyone who has ever toiled in restaurant kitchens can relate to this post, and if you’re still toiling, hats off to you, comrade.

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“Odds and Ends” in the Eunoia Review

I wish to thank Ian Chung, editor of Eunoia Review, for reprinting my story “Odds and Ends.” This story is set in the Midwest and concerns a woman running errands, unaware of what’s headed her way. If you enjoy surprises, I think you’ll like this piece.
Each day Ian brings us two pieces of writing in a pleasant user-friendly format. The tagline for Eunioa Review is “Beautiful Thinking,” a description reflected in the journal’s content. I admire this editor for his inexhaustible energy and his commitment to publishing stories and poems that matter.