Lovers and Loners in Paperback!

For those who prefer holding a real book, Lovers and Loners is now available in paperback. It will soon be available at the Napa library, too.

The stories in this new collection feature female protagonists who struggle for footholds in a shifting world. “Parasites” involves a widow who agrees to have dinner with a man she believes is a killer. “Manatee Gardens” explores the relationship between a mother and daughter who discover common ground at a marine sanctuary. In “Chasing Zero” a woman with a mysterious illness loses her hold on the callous man she adores. “Odds and Ends” follows a woman running errands on the last day of her life.

Lovers and Loners is a study of the human predicament: our eagerness and despair, our hidden fears and stubborn hopes, the blunders we make and the ways in which we are salvaged.



3 thoughts on “Lovers and Loners in Paperback!

  1. Lovers & Loners is the perfect Spring reading. In fact, I have L&L, Survival Skills, The Lost Sister and Strange Company on my kindle as these are the stories I will return to like cherished, familiar and interesting friends I can revisit on the beach again this summer. To be this prolific and so gifted, Jean Ryan — I simply ask for more, please. Brava! And thank you!

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