A Few More Paintings

It’s been several months since I posted any of my acrylic paintings, so here are twenty of my most recent efforts. As you can see, I am drawn to animal portraits. These were all rendered from photos that captivated me.

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Jean Ryan

Jean Ryan, a native Vermonter, lives in Lillian, Alabama. Her stories and essays have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies. She has also published a novel, LOST SISTER. Her short story collections, SURVIVAL SKILLS and LOVERS AND LONERS, are available online. STRANGE COMPANY, a collection of short nature essays, is available in paperback as well as digital and audio editions.

21 thoughts on “A Few More Paintings

  1. Jean! Is there no end to your talent?! These are beautiful. The detail and eye connection is exquisite. Will you soon accept Commissions? I’d love to have you paint my sweet little boy Patrick. Would you consider doing portraits of people? Please put me at the front of the line to commission a painting of Robert. Kindly think on that and let me know. I’m serious. You know I am!
    Yours, John (Northeat Chapter President of the Jean Ryan Fan Club) xoxo

    1. Many thanks, John, and I would love to paint Patrick. Just send me one of your favorite pics of him. As for Robert, oh my, humans are quite out of my wheelhouse at present. Flesh tones alone are so difficult. Maybe one day…

  2. Jean!, I will email you a photo of my little Bunny Boy Patrick BUT only if you accept this as a Commission so name your price, Lady! XOXO

  3. As for portraits of people, no day like today, JR! Just sayin’…..
    And I am the NorthEAST Chapter President of your Fan Club except I was typing on the subway and that’s never good for spell check!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I’m a writer and have been painting for just a few months. I like how one can see a painting all at once, unlike a story which must be absorbed a word at a time. Both pursuits take infinite patience though. And love.

  4. It’s really a shame that you can’t find a way to use all you,r spare time😜 Really they are fabulous!

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